This Little Light of Mine

February 26, 2016

I was reminded once again that this life we live is short. We can wake up one day and not know that it will be our last.

I received a text message from a dear friend confirming with me that her mother had passed away a few days ago. I was not shocked to hear the news because she had been ill for some time. However, it still does not make the sting of death any less painful. I lost my father to cancer 9 years ago. Losing a parent is devastating. Losing anyone is. Death unfortunately is the one guarantee we have in life.

As sad as this time is, it is a reminder of how short life is. I am not promised tomorrow. Neither are you. Each and everyone of us. We do not know our expiration date. If we did, we wouldn’t put up with half of the things that we do. We would not stay in situations that cause us pain. We would tell people how we really feel. There would be an abundance of love and lack of fear instead of the reverse. I know there are many situations that I personally would not have remained in had it been my last day on earth. We would go after our dreams. The things that we love. The things that make our hearts sing. I know I would.

I recently had the privilege of judging a high school poetry/monologue competition. It has been a long time since I have been somewhere that I was so inspired to live life and go after my dreams as I was that night. The contestants were all very talented and made the judging very difficult. What was so inspiring was the confidence that every girl had. They had a light. An innocence about them. I recognized that light. It was something that somewhere a long the way got dimmed. Maybe from the pressures of life, failures, losses…etc. All I know is that each girl had it and I wanted it. I left the evening wanting to figure out a way to get that back.

When I got home I decided to spend some time with God and ask him how I can retrieve that. He reminded me that it never left. I still have that light. The sparkle is still there. The way to access it, the way to brighten it, is to pursue the things in my heart. The things that make my heart sing. Is that all? I asked. God replied, yes. So with that I begin my journey to access this little light of mine… Will you join me?

Living Prosperously

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