January 02, 2018

One way to become more loving and less fearful
It is officially the first week of 2018.  The first few pages out of 365 pages of your story for this year. What do you plan to do with it? Have you made a list of resolutions? How about changing your mindset to set intentions instead? New Year’s resolutions have an 80% failure rate. When it’s an intention you’re setting, it’s more likely you will follow through because you’ll be more specific.
This is the time of year where many people decide to make changes in their lives.   What are some of the changes that you plan to make? Perhaps you just want to tweak what hasn’t been working for you
I have decided to become more loving and less fearful this year.  Part of that for me is letting go of negative and limiting beliefs.  I believe that when you are able to let go of that you can be more loving to yourself and to others. 
There are many things that I have stopped myself from doing because somewhere along the way I started to believe that I couldn't succeed at it. Have you ever done that? Put something off that you really wanted to do because you didn't believe you could. Well, how about changing that? I plan to, one belief at a time. The first step in changing that is recognizing your limiting thoughts. Ask yourself what you’ve allowed yourself to believe that’s holding you back.
My first negative limiting belief that I am letting go of this year is the one where I tell myself I can't sing and that I have a terrible voice. A voice that no one wants to hear. That, I am leaving in 2017.  I will combat that by making a conscious effort to take a voice class. When I do that it will open the door to gaining more confidence and help me improve a skill that I already have. To get better.

The only way to silence the negative voice in your head is to make a change. Do something about it. That’s what I’m doing and I hope you do too.

That's my first few pages of 2018. What will you fill yours with?  

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